A diet that allows cheese, chocolate and some of the most delicious food you can imagine? The Pioppi Diet offers just that plus a long life of happiness and contentment.

Pioppi itself, a small Italian village which is home to the healthiest, longest-living people in the world, offers secrets that have never before been shared – until now.

Bringing together decades of research in the village, The Pioppi Diet involves easy changes in our approaches to diet, movement, sleep, stress management, sunshine, exercise, posture and social interaction – changes that all of us, no matter how busy we are, can make.

Created by leading British Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra and Irish filmmaker Donal O’Neill, the easy-to-follow 21-day action plan combines great food with small but powerful lifestyle changes to deliver not just weight loss, but better health and happiness.

The plan is designed to target and improve health markers – including waist circumference, triglycerides, HDL-cholestrol, HBA1c and ALT – linked to insulin resistance which, together with inflammation, lies at the root of heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, dementia and cancer.

Inspired by the ground breaking Big Fat Fix documentary, this isn’t a diet or lifestyle which requires saying ‘no’ to the things you love, nor exercising for hours upon end, but rather making simple, achievable and long-lasting changes.

This diet has made one village’s inhabitants the longest lived people in the world – and now its secrets could be yours…

Praise for The Pioppi Diet

The Movement

Feet parallel in supportive stance.
Knees soft.
Pelvis steady.
Arms stretched out to each side at shoulder height or just below, palms up.
Rotate the ribcage with the arms from side to side, looking for space to breathe wide, rolling your ribcage around your lungs, around your twisting spine.
Keep the gaze soft and the head balanced over the ribcage, over the pelvis, over the knees, and steady feet throughout.